Saturday, 2 January 2010

Big Synths, Big Price

Here are two eBay deals today for anyone looking to spend their xmas bonus. First up is a Moog System 55 from the 80s [not complete - its missing 1/4 of its modules] Price - BIN = £28500

Next up is a mint Yamaha CS80 with all its original accessories. Lets face it these two items would make the perfect combination. The weird thing is I was thinking about what my favorite all time synth was this morning for an interview I've been asked to do and I decided that it was totally between these two. Price - BIN = £14500


  1. moog seller says:

    Up for auction is a rare vintage Moog System 55 synthesizer from the 70’s-early 80’s. Back in the late-90’s I wanted to start my own studio but never got around to it which is the reason I originally got this synthesizer for. In the meantime I’ve had this in storage for more than 10 years and decide to sell as I’m a guitarist who’s no longer had plans to uses it any more. I’ve originally acquired this from a partial trade from some keyboard player who used to be in some prog rock band back in the 70’s. The unit contains the following modules:
    902 – VCA (2 inputs, 2 outputs, 3 CV inputs) x 5
    904A – low-pass VCF (24 db-per-octave, considered the classic Moog filter)
    904B – high-pass VCF
    911 – ADSR envelope generator (adjustable from 2 ms to 10 sec.) x 5
    911A – dual trigger delay
    914 – fixed filter bank (12-band, 125 Hz to 5 kHz, with high-pass and low-pass knobs)
    921 – VCO (1.01 Hz to 40 kHz)
    921A – VCO driver (1 volt per octave)
    921B – VCO (more stable than 901B)
    923 – noise, high-pass and low-pass filter
    992 – control voltages (illuminated red or blue switches linked to the 904A)
    994 – jack multiples (duplicates voltages)
    995 attenuators
    CP2 – CV and trigger outputs, and filters
    CP3A – mixer (illuminated switches linked to the VCOs) x 3
    CP8A – power switch (Moog 35 and Moog 55)
    I have a friend who knows about these units recently tested this unit and said that it checks out excellent. Everything powers up and appears to be doing its thing. It has been well preserved in its blue custom anvil case in excellent which is included with the unit. Both cabinets are in superb condition and don’t appear to ever have been modified/refinished which both have the same production date and serial number. There are no patch cords or keyboard controller included with this auction (I’ve never received them). Due to its age there are no warranties or returns with this unit. I’ve described everything as to the best of my knowledge as possible. Though I’m a guitarist whose no expert on Moog’s, I do have some knowledge on them and be willing to answer any question as best as possible. Rare module synth that will only go up in value as time goes on. Hate to see it go but how often do you see an original System 55 on eBay or anywhere else.

  2. Oh the fun one could have on one of these ...