Sunday, 3 January 2010

Roland 100M

I've been posting alot of ebay auctions and thats because I spend a lot of time looking at ebay auctions. So I might as well keep up doing so, as a record of interesting things I see there with the condition, price, bids and location. Theres no point in linking to the actual auctions as ebay remove them after a while. Here is a very nice standard 100M in NY USA. I will put the seller's text and updates in the comments


  1. sold for $2425 [£1501]
    9 bids
    flushing NY

  2. This is a vintage Roland 100M analog modular synthesizer. Perfect working condition & very clean cosmetically, light scratches, much less than normal wear. No issues. Incredible, classic Roland sound & flexibility. Included are five modules, 191 rack, & cables to connect the modules. Modules are:

    112: DOUBLE VCO

    121: DOUBLE VCF

    130: DOUBLE VCA


    150: RING MOD / NOISE / S&H / LFO