Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Maths

John Foxx is one of the most innovative and pioneering electronic musicians ever to come out of Shoreditch (actually Chorley, actually anywhere). Check out this clip of Gary Numan talking about his influences.

That was shot here! Foxxy worked with Brian Eno (with Ultravox!) before he became uber-producer (ie swanned about looking cool) to the likes of Bowie, Talking Heads and U2. Foxx told me he was working in the studio with Eno when he actually got the call call from Bowie. John Foxx's album Metamatics was recorded up the road at Pathway Studios in 1980. It's an amazing early synth-pop record. A year later he opened his own studio The Garden round the corner from here and it was an important node for the whole synth-pop era with bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Souxie and the Banshees making albums there. We're working on a new album project here together called The Maths.....

OK, so here's the link to the new single

Ghost Dance

I saw this film when it came out in 1983 and then forgot all about it. Then I bought a Sonor drum kit from a second-hand music shop in Manchester and suddenly I remembered this crazy scene from the film where Robbie Coltrane was playing exactly the same drum kit on the roof of a building while listening to the shipping forecast. So I spent ages trying to track the film down. I recommend it to anyone into hyper-pretentious 80s art movies. The best thing about it is actually the soundtrack by David Cunningham, Michael Giles and Jamie Muir, which is a beautiful mixture of studio processes and live performances. Check the main theme. I'm getting very exotic flavors with notes of chorus and phaser, and a hint of tape compression and tape delay. [I love this disclaimer from the record label website, which sums it all up for me really: 'the recording contains analogue tape distortion, noise and hiss which, besides being unavoidable, at times form an integral part of the music.']

Great Guns

Here's a current project made at the studio called Great Guns, which involves Benge and Jean-Gabriel Becker and no plugins. Everythings done on real synths and outboard and even an analogue mixer. Check out this show on diesel radio. Its a mixture of live tracks and some vinyl selections, all 70s and 80s synth stuff. The live tracks were made with a Roland 100M modular, Roland TR808, Roland SH101, Roland JX3P which were all connected together via cv/gate. Yes crazy I know in this age of laptops. Also there were Linn LM1 and Simmons SDS5 drum sounds trigered from a set of Roland pads. Jeanga played live bass on some of it