Sunday, 24 January 2010

Electronics and Music Maker 1983

Here is the full cover of the EMM magazine in the last post. It features Emerson's home set up - in the barn that I believe later on saw some kind of 'tractor incident' where a lot of his equipment, including a Yamaha GX1, got trashed. Anyway, here you can see a nice Korg set up, with a Monopoly, Poly 61 and the unusual MS50 mini-modular monosynth. The mixer is the Soundcraft series two 16-4-2. What I find interesting is that there is also some kind of chicken on a perch behind him. I wonder if it has MIDI? More likely a cereal-port

Interestingly, look at the text there at the bottom left. It says 'INTRODUCING THE MIDI' and in the article itself it keeps referring to it as the MIDI which although sort of correct [as in 'the musical instrument digital interface'] it never got used like that, it became a noun

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