Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Overlaying the EMS VCS3 with the Buchla 200. The VCS3 is being sequenced using two cables that have a jack at one end and a matrix-patch pin at the other. The Moog 3C and Roland 100M were thrown in for good measure..

Sheep Crow

Creep Show are doing a mini UK tour - yay!!

Friday, 19 April 2019

Mod Can Dance

Messing with the Modcan, along with the Serge. First I patched a wave shaped VCO on the Serge Paperface, using the Serge sequencer too. Then it goes over to the Modcan where the clock from the Serge triggers bass drum, snare and percussion sounds. Dance!


Heres a video of us (Oblong) playing in Dublin a few weeks ago - we had such fun! THANK YOU JOHN YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!!!

New Timbral

Here is a fascinating little documentary featuring Serge Tcherepnin, the legendary synth designer about whom very little known due to his reluctancy to be interviewed over the years. Happily this trend seems to be changing as there have been a few videos recently featuring him (for example this one). As a synthesiser guru he is right up there with Bob Moog and Don Buchla. Anyway, this mini-doc about his New Timbral VCO features one of my Serge videos - neato!

Word of the Week #81

Wednesday, 3 April 2019


Another Buchla patch using my new delay module (277), this time a softer tone is being explored. I sent the melodic tones from the 201 and MARF to the delay, and also the Buchla 100 stereo spring reverbs


Just got a Buchla 277 delay and 257 voltage processor. Thank-you Wes! The system is rounding out very nicely now


Just back from our (Oblong's) mini-tour of Ireland, supporting the amazing John Grant. THANK YOU JOHN!! Here are some random pics:

Friday, 15 March 2019


Here is a quick video of me programming a sequence on the Firelight, using the built-in sequencing programme, called "PAGE R"

First I created 4 sounds by drawing harmonic waveforms in "PAGE 4". This was only possible because I got a USB mouse converter for the CMI from Joe Britt (as my Fairlight light-pen isn't working at the moment)