Thursday, 1 August 2019

Miniature Moog

Check out these mini versions of Moog Modular modules. They look pretty interesting if you want to build a compact version of a classic Moog system without spending 100k and using up one whole wall of your studio. I have no idea what these sound like and how they feel to use, but going on the specs and the fact that they are made by a division of Club Of Th Knobs, who have been specialising in accurately cloning Moog modules for years, I guess the chances are they will be pretty good

I put together a system in Photoshop that fairly much matches my original Moog 3C, just for fun (although its missing the big matrix mixer). I don't intend to buy any Aion modules at the moment, I just wanted to see what a mini Moog modular 3C would look like, OK?

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