Friday, 21 August 2015

Settled On A Platform

I am in a real magazine! Yes, there is an interview / feature on me and my London studio in this months Computer Music. Its also online here

Thanks so much to Danny for doing the interview - that was a very long phone call mate!!

Just a few corrections, for the record: my tape machine is 16 track not 24; the first computer sequencer I got on the Atari was C-Lab Notator, not Studio Vision (that was my 2nd sequencer, when I got a Mac); my 20 Systems album wasn't synced up using midi - on that record, if a synth had a built in sequencer I used that on the track, otherwise I played it by hand; "Kyma, it's a bit like Max, but not quite as complex" Kyma is as complex as Max, if you want it to be! Other than that its a brillo interview and hopefully I don't come across as too much of a nobber

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  1. Great interview and you didn't come across as a "nobber" - I have CM on digital subscription, my favourite bit of reading for many years now, and was pleasantly surprised to see you in this latest edition, and you came across very well :-)