Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cooking 2

Here are some facts about the AS-1 sequencer:

1] Its V.cute

2] It is very small and compact having 16 steps and a lot of nice control features

3] My model has the serial number "DEMO" - so I guess this was one of the first units produced and used by the guys at Polyfusion to show people what it could do

4] The AS-1 was one of the first stand alone step sequencers. I can only think of a few dating from the 1970s: the ARP 1601, the Oberheim Mini Sequencer and the Korg SQ10. The Polyfusion is the coolest looking though. For some reason it reminds me of K9 which is a nice thought

5] The AS-1 came with an amazing user manual that has to be one of the BEST LOOKING USER MANUALS EVER DESIGNED! Its so cool that I scanned my version and made a PDF for you

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