Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Eden Projection

I had a fabbo time last week with Paul at the Eden Project, where they were showing my second favourite Sci-Fi film ever - Silent Running. It was the most amazing place to see this film - in a geodesic-bio-dome environment for heavens sake! What was even better was there was a live set before the screening by some synth-boffs (Adrian Utley and Will Gregory) a talk about the film by Mark Kermode. Silent running itself was amazing - its actually the first time I've seen it on a very big screen. Theres so much I love about the design and feel of the film, the 1970s pastoral music, the electronic sound effects (made on an ARP 2600), the ideas in it - and Bruce Dern losing at poker to a droid with no face. Here is a clip of the performance in the bio-dome before the film:

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  1. Amazing! I thought that first photo was a still from the movie! Now I'm curious as to what your first favorite SF movie is.