Sunday, 28 September 2014

Strange Drum Machine

In this post I showed you my modded DR55 drum machine. Well Kieth added another input to trigger the hi-hat which for some reason we had forgotten about so now all 4 sounds have trigger ins (bass drum, snare, hh and a nice 'dock!' sound). Here it is in action, this time with the mighty Serge:

The four drum machine sounds are being triggered by the Serge sequencer except for the bass drum which is getting a divided pulse from the main clock. Therefore when I am playing with the sequencer outputs the main clock is still triggering the bass drum. The output is split into two streams, one going to some phasers in series, the other to the Wilson Analog Delay module, which is being modulated by one of the sequencer outputs. By the way, the sequencer is outputting voltages to trigger the DR55 inputs, and these have varying effects on each drum sound depending on the voltage level as set by the sequencer knobs. What a strange drum machine this creates! Here is a patch diagram:

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