Saturday, 20 September 2014

Serge Flows

The Serge Modular is a very curious device - not least because it's modules are not really 'modular'. Each panel contains a different array of pre-chosen modules which are specified when purchasing a system. Therefore when buying second hand panels it is always the case that someone else has planned which modules are put together, and they have invariably been smoking pot. I have been looking for the highly elusive "Wilson Analog Delay" module for many years but they are extremely rare and the only ones I have seen have been in panels with other modules I have not wanted for one reason or another. Or they have been too overpriced for me to consider. Well luckily I managed to find a UK seller on ebay with a panel at the right price, and what is more the module combination on this panel is fantastic - I now have the remaining modules that I have been looking for to complete my Serge system - including a Wave Multiplier, Envelope Detector, Pulse Divider, N-Comp, Wilson Delay, and two mixers. Yahoo!

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