Saturday, 1 March 2014

Evergreen Emu

Just the other day I downloaded the wonderful Emu Modular catalog from 1978 which made very good train reading on the way to the studio. I found it over on matrixsynth. Well would you believe it but today on matrixsynth I saw that Evergreen State College is selling their system, via a local auction house. Oh it looks like it sold already, bummer! Here is a picture I photoshopped from the auction pics (hi-res version here) and below that is the catalog

Here are the modules included in the sale:

2 keyboard output panels
Hex Inverter
3 Sawtooth/Pulse Oscillators
2 Sample and Hold
VC Trigger Generator
2 Triple Latch
5 Memory units
3 Universal Active Filters
2 Quad VCA
Tape Interface and Control panel
Memory Address Generator
2 VC lopas filters
VC Hipas Filter
2 Resonant Filters
Resonant Filter Controller

2 Dual One Shot
2 Dual Reverbs
Triple Latch
Triple OR Gate
Quad Inverter
2 Ring Modulator
Memory Programmer
Lag Processor
2 Dual Transient Generators
Analog Switch
Voltage Source 8×4
8 Position Address Generator
Envelope Follower
Summing Amp
Noise Source
Extra Parts, Ribbon Cables, Sockets

UPDATE: It sold for $49,100 to ttown. Thats more than I thought it would go for - about £30k!!!

Also, I found this really geeky interview with the founders of Emu Systems:


  1. Cool - that's the rest of my Saturday afternoon gone :-D

  2. It's still up for auction. The original listing ended, but it was re-listed. It's currently at $8500.