Saturday, 28 September 2013

Obi Four Kenobi

Here is a little ditty I just made on the Oberheim Four Voice. What a fantastically powerful sounding synth this is. Mine's got CV/Gate inputs for the 4th SEM, so I connected it up with the Moog modular system ( 960-clone sequencer) and set up a simple melody to play over. I will upload a better version of this track later, but here is me writing the main part:

By the way - thats three posts in a row featuring the same angle shot of a Moog Modular. I didn't plan that!

Tarkus Very Much

Via Matrixsynth

Old Frontiers

There is an excellent programme on BBC iplayer all about synths in film music. It really is a good programme - covering everything from Forbidden Planet to Pi, with some great studio footage from the likes of Walter Carlos, Moroder and Vangelis. And the best thing is its presented by Brian Butterfield!

Rock Rock

I took this pic at Rock, Cornwall. These colours are real!


Finally - some Lone Taxidermist action! And nice interview here. The track was recorded / coproduced here a while ago

Red Mecca Record Deck

Mal came round to do some work on the Wrangler EP, and bought me a copy of the latest re-issue of the Cab's Red Mecca on vinyl - and below is a vid of a bit of it on my new (old) record player I just got on eBay. Joy

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bass Bomb

Check out our (Wrangler's) remix for the new Bomb The Bass single Time Falls Apart. YEAH!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Speaking of houses...

I Spy

Here is a picture that Sid took of me about 20 years ago, when the studio was in my old house. Its taken through the piano music stand


Via Matrixsynth

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Roland and Hermes

I managed to blow up my Roland MC500 micro composer by plugging in UK 240v power when it should have had US 110v. This is a very stupid and very common mistake to make. Luckily Roland put a fuse inside the machine just after the power supply to protect it from idiots like me and I managed to get it working again. However I thought I would put a warning sticker on it to remind me in the future. So I used my new typewriter to make it on - introducing the amazing 1985 Hermes Top-Tronic 15

Monday, 9 September 2013

Forms Video Two

I made a little video for one of the tracks from Forms Series One (Track 3 - Leraf). Its me messing about on the Buchla 100 shot with the Phillips V100 tube camera, then edited in Resolume Avenue:

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Word of the Week #51

Electricity Club

Speaking of interviews, here is an enormous one that I did when Twenty Systems was reissued back in July. Its posted in full below for posterity as well

Foxx Box

John Foxx has another new EP out this time in collaboration with the marvellous Ghost Box people. You can hear bits here. Also he is interviewed in Mojo this month. He speaks of the above release, but also about our new projects and stuff, go on have a read, its here

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Forms Video

Forms - Series One

I am starting a new series of occasional releases over on my bandcamp page. Its going to be a series of full albums based around one synthesiser / electronic system per album. A bit like Twenty Systems if it were One System, if you see what I mean

The first release is pure Buchla 100, with no other processing, sequencing, effecting or sound sourcing. This is 100% vintage 1960s discrete analog sound recorded direct to disk in 24 bits. You can download uncompressed or mp3 audio, a PDF booklet and a picture of the Buchla system HERE

Hope you like it

Monday, 2 September 2013

Mysterious Sounds

There were some mysterious sounds emanating from the studio last week...

Moog Girls

Also saw this over on matrixsynth, via the Moog Music Inc FB page. Its a great pic of an as yet unidentified Moog Girl from the 1960s

Which strongly reminded me of this pic that I took of Hannah a while ago:

Bed Knobs


Via matrixsynth