Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hey guess what we (JF&TM) are going on tour as special guests / support for OMD. Pretty cool! The first gig I ever went to when I was a little boy was Gary Numan at the Hammersmith Odeon in the late 1970s. I think it was the Pleasure Principal tour. But guess who the support act were that night? Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark! So they were actually the first band I ever saw live. OMG

April 2013
28 Margate Winter Gardens
29 Birmingham Symphony Hall
May 2013
1 Nottingham Royal Centre
2 Ipswich Regent Theatre
3 London Roundhouse
5 Bristol Colston Hall
6 Oxford New Theatre
8 Sheffield City Hall
9 Leeds Academy
10 Manchester Academy
12 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
13 Gateshead Sage
14 Liverpool Empire


  1. If you're me, there is no possible finer pair up conceivable, unless maybe Bowie and Roxy would do it again 40+ years later. I have many feet on my racks taken up with the music of OMD and John Foxx [+ The Maths]. Would that we could only make it there for a show or three, but the budget is squeaking. Now if you make it to The States, all bets are off! Sooner or later, Foxx needs to break his embargo of the US! There must be enough fans who can't afford to drop $5k to see Foxx overseas to make it worth someone's time and effort.

    For further rumination of the Fresh New Sound of Yesterday®

  2. Just seen your post blog post re: the OMD tour. Great news, supporting the first band you ever saw. But it gets better. I reckon that was September 28th 1979. FOXX was there. I have a photo of the two of them together

  3. postpunkmonk: i want this to happen too, seriously!

    martin: thats amazing - i was there with my mum and dad and brother and sister - pretty cool family outing for a 10 year old! it's the single most influential event in my music career!!! so cool if foxy was there too...

  4. Well, in this post-major label world, niceties like tour support are but a distant memory. After leaving Island [Antilles in the US] there has not been a US label distro deal for any of John's music since then. It's been strictly import for him. I have only ever seen one of his releases a single time in a US record store in the last 20 year in spits of releasing a truckload of music. And I'll chalk up those copies of "Mirrorball" to the Robin Guthrie part of that equation. He's much more of a known quantity in the US.

    I'm realistic that without support of some kind, it can't happen. But bless OMD for having the will to make it happen. They alone among my favorite active bands of the post-punk era have managed to tour here recently [unlike Simple Minds]. But I've seen Simple Minds [2002 - great!] and OMD [2011 - fantastic]. What I need now after 33 years of ever-ardent fandom is to see JF+TM live and have my mind blown. When I saw Kraftwerk in 1998, I wept like a baby for the first 15 minutes, and that in spite of the fact that the "band" was a shadow of its former self and had been for years. I can only imagine what seeing Foxx would do, especially now that he's peaking as an artist [no small thanks to you].

    So what will it take? A Kickstarter campaign? I can drop a hundred, as tight as my money is, to help make it happen! I had hoped that you could make it over for Moogfest. I saw Tara Busch there in 2011 [a few days after ending your tour] and when she mentioned John Foxx my friend and I burst into applause and in her Q+A afterward mentioned so that someone present would hear that Foxx would be a perfect fit for Moogfest.

    But as much as it would completely rock to have JF+TM actually visit my city during Moogfest, so that I could see them without incurring travel costs, I'd appreciate a full headlining set even more. So think about that Kickstarter campaign... A tour with three albums worth of music would be a substantial thing.

  5. See you in Birmingham, dont forget to smile as I'll be in the photogrphers pit....need a better pic than the one of you I got in Leamington ;-))

  6. I also went to that gig at the Hammersmith Odeon. It was awesome - and I'm sure that you will be too!

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  8. I'm currently enjoying the new OMD album. It's full of great material [and no weak ones, like last outing] but it could have sounded better, if you catch my drift. Please have a word with the guys on the tour, eh? If you could find the time to produce them it would so rock! Those soft synths they lean on only get so good and the material and the group deserves better.