Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Right, the wooden cabinet arrived and I put the buchla 200e modules safely in it so no more cardboard boxes / fire hazards which is good especially here. So I made a patch with the 100 series modules (including the 190 spring reverb, for which I have been awaiting the spring tanks) going through the delay. I worked out how to use it as a stereo unit - like all good Buchla-format modules theres a lot of features but no instructions! The patch uses an LFO to bend the delay time around - woozy!

Longer / hi-res audio version here:


  1. Very nice, much dribblation accuring here in Norwich. I quite like the idea of patching the LFO to the delay, currently attempting that with Aalto and it's giving some rather weird/interesting/??? type sounds. Will you be bringing this unit back to the UK?

  2. thanks N, and yes i will be taking this unit with me wherever i go!