Sunday, 7 October 2012

BYE Programme 5

Here is a cassette tape of music recorded at Meme Tune studio in London during 2012

This mix was recorded to stereo audio cassette tape before converting to MP3

01] The Maths - Back 2 U (written and recorded by Benge)
02] Striped Light - Foolish (written by Elizabeth Walling and Benge)
03] Natural Habitats feat. Hannah Peel - Falling Fast (reinterpretation of Shoeb Ahmad track, recorded by Stephan Panczak and Benge)
04] Diagrams - Airbag (written by Radiohead, recorded by Sam Genders and Benge)
05] Wrangler feat. Stephen Mallinder - Olympic Them (written and performed by Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter and Benge)
06] John Foxx and the Maths - Walk (written by John foxx and Benge)
07] Benge - Ento (written and recorded by Benge)


  1. That's my Sunday afternoon taken care of ;-)

  2. I want a full album by Natural Habitats with Hannah's voice liberally peppered throughout..... Benge, you have a wonderful touch.