Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maths Tour Snaps 2011

What better way to banish the post-tour blues than to go through all the photos I took... Happy days indeed!


  1. A proper SDSV brain in your percussion rig I see - excellent! Loved the gig at Liverpool. Some great photos from that location in this set. A real pleasure and privilege to see you all play.

  2. Super pics. They really tell the story of a Good Time Had By All

  3. Great pictures from a from a great tour.

    The memories of the concert my partner and I saw in Glasgow, meeting John before the concert, and yourself very briefly after the concert when you were kind enough to sign my copy of The Shape of Things will stay with us both a very long time. Thank you.

  4. Nice to meet you and the girls briefly before the Glasgow gig. I had a great night, gig was fab!
    Nice piccies, very hipstamatic! I love them all, but fav is the one of the gruesome two-some (2 Chris's).
    Safe travels!

  5. Nice set of pics. A proper tour with mini bus! Saw you guys in London. Loved the gig. I hope you all tour again next year. You all came across as a very tight band with lots of personality.