Sunday, 16 October 2011


I / we (The Maths) have just got back from our trip to Krakow where we played at the Unsound festival. It was great! Its a beautiful inspiring city, and a really good festival, although as usual on short and busy trips we didn't get to see very much

One thing we did see was Morton Subotnick's astonishing performance in a huge cinema, with an additional multichannel mega-sound-system. It really was a stunning performance, actually based around Silver Apples of the Moon, one of my all time favourite albums. HE HELPED INVENT THE VOLTAGE CONTROLLED SYNTHESISER by commissioning Don Buchla to make his very first modular system. I GOT TO MEET HIM AFTER THE SHOW. He was outside talking to his visual artist colleague who made the beautiful visuals. THEN I BUMPED INTO HIM AGAIN the next day, because he was giving a talk in the art gallery right after me and John gave our talk! (Sadly we couldn't see it because we had to go and soundcheck)

Anyway, here are some iPhone clips of his performance, they really don't do it much justice, but you get the idea. Below the vids is a picture of his Buchla system (low-fi - sorry!), a 12 panel 200e with millions of wires and connections and everything he needed to make his incredible music


  1. Great share - and what a thrill to meet the man himself - lucky bloody you says I!!!

    And the weirdest thing, I was listening to the "Silver Apples" album earlier today after I got home from the "day job" (ahem) when I happened across this blog entry. Synchronicity. Love it.

  2. Sounds awesome!

    How did the Q&A thing go with RA Live Exchange?