Saturday, 24 September 2011

Studio Fellows

Neil Fellowes came down to the studio the day before I went away and took some shots. I had seen some of his work on flickr of an abandoned car graveyard and really liked the effect he gets. He thought it would be interesting to apply it to my studio - its like it had been sealed up for 100 years then he discovered it and took his camera along for the reopening. Im going to put them on my website when I get it ready, in highres - these blog versions are limited to around 500k each. All pictures (c)2011 by Neil Fellowes


  1. I knew Neil would do a brilliant job-he really has an eye for composition and detail,not to mention his processing skills.With subject matter like that there were bound to be great results too!
    Great work!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  3. It's a great attempt, but the photomatix-like HDR post-processing is pushed too far. I'd maybe try to light the darker areas a bit with small lights and do less in post. Great composition and I sincerely appreciate seeing these.

    Oh, and give me all your gear please :)