Sunday, 4 September 2011

First Steps

Ok, so this is why my blog has gone all Buchla of late: I have bought my first Buchla module and I am planning to get a few more. I am starting off small with just 5 modules, and I might even go out to Berkley next week to pick them up from Don! I spoke to him a few times during the week and have done the deal, and he's holding them for me. I'm also getting a Buchla-format Pendulum / Ratchet made by Chris Muir from Eardrill. So below are my first experiments with the 261e Complex Waveform Generator

The first one is me tweaking the controls on the 261e, while the Moog system is doing everything else. It was weird putting the Buchla osc through the Moog 904A. The second patch is similar, and looking at it on the scope you can see the wonderful percussive envelopes being created by the Cynthia Quad Low-Pass Gate (Moog-format). The third is a night view

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