Friday, 24 June 2011

Vintage Cornering

I've had a really busy week at the studio with various things going on. First up I wanted to set up a vintage corner in the new wood paneled section I have created. So I chucked the EMS VCS3 and DK1 into the back of the car, along with the Paia modular and some other stuff which I have had set up at home while the studio was half out of action

Then I set up the Serge, EMS and Paia modulars, which all seem to go together really well as they are all from a similar era. They kind of go with the decor too?

I kept a record of the work I did on the new live room, and below is the progression of Vintage Corner, from the first stage of soundproofing (with three layers of plaster board and a ton of mastic) to the decorative wood panels and flooring. Damn it was a lot of work

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