Saturday, 25 June 2011

Big Fishes

Another thing that happened this week was a couple of visits from those nice people from GForce software. Have you ever checked out their website? Not only can you see all the amazing products they make, like the impOSCar, Oddity, Minimonster, and M-Tron, but there is also a ton of excellent synth related information (synthfo?)

Anyway Dave and Chris came here to play around on some of my big modulars. They are working on a top secret new product that I cannot tell you about, but believe me it's going to be way cool for synth-heads. We spent two days patching and sampling the Moog 3C, the Arp 2500, the Roland 100M, the VCS3, the Serge, etc, etc, by the end we were totally synthed-out!

Chris took a lot of hi-res pics of the equipment, and also had this cool little camera with a fish eye lens

These pics are all (c)2011 Chris Macleod

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