Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Modular Mixing

I have put a post up on my other blog (which focusses exclusively on mixing consoles, so be careful) about a really amazing vintage (1965) solid state mixer made by Langevin for the producer Kearney Barton. The mixer sold on ebay yesterday for a very reasonable £6K. What is interesting about this console (apart from the fact that it sounds amazing) is that it is a modular patchable devise and I have never seen that before. It would make a fantastic addition to a modular synthesiser based studio like mine. Here is a PDF that the seller put together:

Kearneys Mixer

Check out this wonked-out funk track by Misterholmes and the Brotherhood, recorded on this console by Kearney Barton in the mid seventies. What a great sound, yes?

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