Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Click To Make Some Music

Martin Smith passed this on to me, he got it from here, thanks!

NOTE: this matrix is 500 x 500 wide and my blog format is 400 wide, so to get best results set your browser to a larger resolution using your + / - keys, or click here


  1. Okay - looks like that's a complete morning about to be totally lost to playing with this thing.


  2. I first saw one of these, well four of them at Video Positive the video animation event in Liverpool in the 90's. The difference was that 4 people each had their own grid, projected from the ceiling onto one of four podiums where they could select their beats. Each podium contributed to the group tune/jam. What the effect was someone new would join the group, and by experimenting would mess up the rhythm - until they started listening to what the other people were doing and responding to their beats also - within minutes everyone was contributing to the tune. Love it, thanks.