Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sketches of Synths

I told you about Electric Independence coming down to interview us. Well I recorded the synth demos we did for them through the desk, so there were high quality versions for the programme they were making. I've put them up on my new soundcloud page. The synths demonstrated were a Moog Modular, going through a HH digital delay, a Korg Monopoly and its built in arpeggiator, an ARP 2500, the Roland CR78 [John Foxx's favourite drum machine) through an MXR Flanger/Doubler. Then lastly John Foxx plays the Yamaha CS80

Moog Modular by zackdagoba

Monopoly by zackdagoba

Arp 2500 by zackdagoba

CR78 and MXR flanger by zackdagoba

John Foxx and my Yamaha CS80 by zackdagoba

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