Friday, 4 February 2011

More Covers and Designs

I found some more book covers and cool designs over on this blog called A Sound Awareness

First up are these ones by Rudolph De Harak

And these posters by Emil Ruder

UPDATE via gog in the comments, I've chosen some more Penguins / Pelicans designed by Germano Facetti


  1. Italian graphic artist Germano Facetti did a lot of very nice covers for penguin pocket editions of R.D. Laing.
    G.F. made a (VERY)rare "book" called "Identity Kits" which was a box full of information attempt at the Logos?
    this type of graphic art is relevant to my interests

  2. These designs are stunningly bauhausianly beautiful,filled with compelling graphic abstraction!

  3. yes, and the subject matter of some of those books is pretty mind-blowing too

  4. roger that, zagoba.
    I collected those books for the cover art when i was around 10-12 years old, and i eventually did read them. very effective book design, it literally drew me in. I still have a shelf in my library devoted to paperbacks with amazing covers, sadly, they are not all as readable as some of the titles mentioned here. mostly really weak sci-fi, but i digress...books & their covers... you be the judge.

  5. Beautiful covers. Thank you for posting.