Friday, 4 February 2011

Big Buchlas

Please allow me to wallow in some Buchla madness, found at various times on matrixsynth. First we have two of the best systems I have ever seen of the 70's era 200 series [picture 2 is my all time favorite looking synth, and is actually 100 series modules in a 200 case]. These are from Rick's flickr page, who is in charge of looking after the equipment at the Cantos Foundation in Calgary, lucky chap! He restored these two monsters a while ago. After that is a recent video by Cary Grace, an american musician living in Somerset, although the huge Buchla 200 she is tweaking is in the US. She does a cool radio show which you can listen to here

UPDATE: see the comms

UPDATE2: see the comms again, but here is the actual Cantos Buchla 100 in a 200 case:

OK here is another large system, this time from the background of this picture. I think I am obsessed with Buchlas

UPDATE AGAIN: Some better pictures of the Buchla 100 in a 200 case owned by Cantos:


  1. Hi. Just to clarify , the 2nd photo contains no 100 series modules. They are all the first version of the 200 series modules.

  2. hi buchlajoe. thanks for that, i was going by the collection checklist at the cantos website and assumed it to be the system listed there. do you know if this is the one on display at cantos? its really similar to the one i used to drool over in the book 'electronic music synthesis' by hubert s howe, see the update in the post. i never knew buchla had transitional designs...

  3. Hi. The one here in the photo is all 200 series and not the one on display at Cantos. There were basically 2 versions of the 200. The early black knob ones , like the one here , then later on , the blue knob versions. Cantos has on display a 200 series case , like the one here , with 100 series modules installed. Photo here

  4. ok got that, thanks! so where is that amazing 200?

    1. that 2nd pic is of a Early (1971ish) 200 i restored in 2004.. its in very good hands.. cantos has a 200 series cabinet with 100 series modules installed. none of the pics of buchlas on my flickr set are instruments from Cantos. -rick