Thursday, 10 February 2011

Shoreditch Underpass

For some reason I have never posted this clip from the BBC program about synth-pop called Synth Britannia, featuring John Foxx. What makes this clip so great is that it was shot in my studio! That track he's playing along with is the first thing we ever did together - this is the day I first met him


  1. what a wonderful programme, and John's bit was great. you must be proud to have been a part of it.

  2. Great piece of TV. As an Urban Explorer myself (not graffiti artist or vandal as the Beeb would have you think) who seeks out derelict and abandoned buildings, I wish I had been able to see the East end of London at this time, it must have been a fascinating and wonderous place for the creative mind.

  3. This contemporary tribute to tribute to the The Normal's Warm leatherette could be of interest

    1. The word "seminal" is an often-misused term in music. Not, however, when you are talking about Daniel Millers' aka The Normal's Warm Leatherette. The first release on Mute Records, catalogue MUTE001 -- this is the record that started everything. It meant the world to us then -- and it still does now. So we are celebrating all things Daniel, Mute and electronic in the best way we know... Presenting Really O'Reilly's reimagining with the one and only electro-lady Georgie on vocals, and in deference to the original 7" we have catalogued the tune DID45. Accompanied by a fantastic video from ditto's very own Phillip Long. Warm Leatherette indeed. Watch the video here: or Download from Soundcloud @ dittoTV

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