Thursday, 6 January 2011

Interplay Time

We finally have a release date for The Maths album - 21st March 2011, on Metamatic Records.

Above is the final artwork for the cover, designed by Jonathan Barnbrook

As this is my official studio blog and I like lists, here is a list of the equipment we used on the record:

Arp Odyssey
Arp Omni
Arp Sequencer
Crumar Bit 01
Crumar Multiman
Crumar Roadrunner
DBX 119 compressor
EMT plate 140
Fairlight CMI
Formant Modular
Hohner Pianet T
Ibanez AD80
Korg Monopoly
Korg MS20
Korg PS3100
Lexicon 224
Linn LM1
MCI 416b console
Moog Minimoog
Moog Modular
Moog Polymoog
MXR flanger/doubler
Oberheim Xpander
Paia Phlanger
Roland 100M
Roland CR78
Roland RS202
Roland SH101
Roland space echo 201
Roland TR808
Roland VP330
Sequential T8
Sequential VS
Serge Modular
Simmons SDS5
Studer 900 series console
Ursa Major delay
Yamaha CS30
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha Rev1


  1. Do you know what format the album is going to be released in? Vinyl?

  2. at the moment we are planning a cd release with digipack