Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spare Video

I have made some little synth videos in preparation for my Twenty Systems presentation in St Petersburg. They covered the patching principles of four early modular systems, a Moog, an Arp 2500, a VCS3 and a Serge. I will post them here later, but for now here is a spare one that didn't fit in because it was too complex a patch


  1. GREAT stuff; the Serge spounds wonderful!

  2. damn amazing machine. nearly as nice as your Buchla!

    actually, I wonder how these older serge modules sound compared to the modern ones? It certainly has a 'tone' to it

  3. lovely patch. Makes me miss my Serge.
    Didnt know you owned a Buchla too. Would love to see that!

  4. hey vicmod, thanks!

    i don't have any buchla gear unfortunately, i was referring to ether^ra who has a nice new 200e system....

  5. Raucous and mind-melting patch! Have a listen to my soundcloud, if you like, for an idea of tone of the STS Serge stuff. You can download 16/44 versions, too.