Friday, 30 July 2010

Korgy and Best

Why do I always have to think of a pun-based post title? The answer is 'I don't' so sorry about that one. Today I got a Korg Polyphonic Ensemble PE1000 and it's really brilliant. Its a mid 70's polysynth and I believe their first. And as is quite common they got everything right at their first attempt. Everything else they have made has been a little less pure and simple! Its got a great range of sounds and is very unique and characterful. This one came with its original pedals, one for sustain, one for 'glide' [pitch bend] and a big rocker-type pedal for controlling the filter cutoff, or as these early Korgs called them 'Travelers', which make a really beautiful sound. The sound on the video is pure PE1000. Its always a good sign when you don't need to put any effects on a synth to make it sound interesting

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