Saturday, 15 May 2010

Roundhouse London

Speaking of John Foxx and The Maths, details have been announced of our gig at the Roundhouse in London on 5th June. We've all been very busy getting ready for it and are really excited!

Here is an equipment list for the gig, which consists of stuff from my studio and also Steve D'Agostino's:

Synthesizers and Sequencers:
ARP Odyssey x 2
ARP Sequencers x 2
Crumar Multiman
EDP Wasp
Korg MonoPoly
Korg 700
Logan String Machine
Moog Mini x 2
Moog Modular plus Sequencers
Moog Opus 3
Roland Modular System 100m x 10 Modules
Roland SH2
Roland SH-101
Roland Juno 60
Sequential Circuits Multitrack

Drum machines:
Amdek Percussion Synthesiser
Boss Dr Rhythm
Linn Drum
Klone Drum
Roland CR78
Roland TR808
Simmons SDS5

Effects & Processors:
Boss Chorus
Boss Flanger
Boss Phaser
Electro Harmonix electric mistress Flanger
Furman Spring Reverb
Ibanez AD80 Analog Delay
Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter
Mu-tron Phasor
MXR Phase 100
Roland Space echo RE-201

Other Equipment:
Tascam & Revox Analogue Reel to Reel Tape Machines

Did I mention, Gary Numan is DJing too.....

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