Friday, 7 May 2010

New Studio?

Guess what I am currently the high bidder on a crazy auction for the Producers Workshop studio in Hollywood Boulevard in LA, with just a $100 bid. OK the reserve is not met, which isn't surprising considering that this is the studio where some of my favorite albums were recorded / mixed. I can't find much info online about the studio, it seems most of the interesting stuff happened in the 70's, but it lists amongst it's credits Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Pink Floyd's The Wall and Steely Dan's Aja

"The studio is equipped with a Trident 80 B console, Pro Tools HD with a Mac Pro, Neve mic pre’s, Neumann microphones, and 2 pristine multitrack tape machines, used these days for tape delay, giving you the option to track to Pro Tools and mix with strictly analog effects, for superior sound quality

We have our own reserved parking spaces for staff & clients

Lease is a triple net commercial lease at $2700.00 per month, the facility totals approximately 1800sq ft,  Live room is 23' X 38', one iso booth, one tape locker/ echo chamber, loading area, tech room, lounge, bathroom and separate office. Control room is 13'X 12' with a riser mounted console and  soffit mounted  mains. This amazing treatment provided the ingredients  for the groundbreaking mixes of Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, and Bad Religion's Struck a Nerve, along with Steely Dan Aja and many others

This sale is offered in any configuration you want, the entire studio with lease and equipment,  the equipment only or the studio without the gear

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  1. For a scary few minutes I was the highest bidder on an EMS Synthi 100 that was auctioned on the Vemia site.