Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yamaha SK50

And a nice 80s era Yamaha organ/string/synth. Bargain?

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  1. from ebayer:

    For auction here is the well-known YAMAHA SK50D which end of the 70s was one of the few instruments to realize the organ-strings and synth sounds in one instrument could!

    I think that connoisseurs appreciate the instrument and it needs no further explanation.

    However, I would like to say something about the state of the instrument: The instrument has most often seen the stage and has been drawn down accordingly affected. One must thoroughly clean the keyboard times (without expanding it, which is actually quite good) and should) also the lateral cheeks (wood are überpoliert. Then you get your honey visually in a good condition.

    The panel (the surface where the pots and switches are mounted) can even be cleaned once, but one sees here and there small Lackabplatzer or scratches (which I will not hide!).

    Technically, the device seems to be OK - so I could test it. However, a few pots and switches should be cleaned once (on the go do it) was much contact spray.

    Included is still the Stahlfußgestell and the power cord and the Casedeckel. However, the Casedeckel is not very stable and should be repaired times / revised.

    To whom is the things?

    Either someone who is part restored with great attention, or to someone who wants to have some money for just this organ, strings and synth sounds and has the device may be fixed in the rehearsal room or club.