Thursday, 7 January 2010

Korg PS3100

Heres another one for this brief series of big synths on the bay. Its in germany 'touched by sound'. BIN 4990 euros [£4500]

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  1. from ebayer:

    Semimodular analog synthesizer from 1977 and one of the real 'Synthesizer dinosaurs"

    The appearance is reminiscent of the Korg MS series, especially at the MS-20 that also offers the patch box to the right outside, to split the signal, and the keyboard is integrated firmly in pultförmigen housing. However, the PS-3100 comes from the 70s and was the smallest of the PK series. Besides a few other details distinguish the models PS-3200 and PS-3300 in the model designation from 3100 through the presence of 2 or 3 oscillators per voice. The latter corresponds to almost three PS-3100 in one package. From the very rare PS should raise a total of 3100 only about 30 - 50 units have been built, so he is just having a very sought after synthesizers lovers collector's item.

    Sound is the PS-3100 is approximately at the height of the coveted MS-series, but slightly different approaches, albeit with additional external devices are also looped (PS can-) models.

    The Korg PS-3100 is for connoisseurs and collectors of rare and precious treasures synthesizer!