Thursday, 31 December 2009

Patching Between

Decided to concentrate on TW now until it's done, at least as a mini-album. I was working on BTT today and came up with the above patch. Now all mixing desks are up and running, I've got flavours from two eras: MCI 416b from 1973, Studer 902 from 1982. They sound completely different to each other. The idea is to mix them up on this record, and have fun doing it, then hopefully the album will be a snapshot of Coronet Street circa 2010. I'm getting obsessed with the date of equipment and using the correct effects with synths and suchlike! For example on the track today:

Logan Strings - 1975
Korg 770s - 1975
Arp Odyssey - 1974
EMT 140 Reverb - 1970
Watkins Copycat - 1970
Roland CR78 - 1978
Roland TR808 - 1980
Simmons SDS5 - 1981
Roland Juno 60 - 1982
Sequential T8 - 1983
Lexicon 224 - 1978
Ursa Major Delay - 1978
Pedals - delay, flanger, chorus, phaser, distortion, all really old

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