Thursday, 4 March 2021

Saint Simmons

The Simmons SDS6 is an absolutely stunning rhythm sequencer from the 1983. It came out just after the introduction of the first Simmons drum kit the 1982 SDSV. It has a highly intuitive interface and can trigger up to 8 sounds, and be synced to incoming clock, so it makes it perfect for hooking up with modular gear. Here I am using it with the SDS200 (1984) and the Emu and Polyfusion modulars. You can chain patters together to create extremely long patters or songs, but here I'm just looping round one page (32 steps)


  1. Nice show!
    Here you can hear and see my production show incl. the step seq:

  2. I love that grid interface on the SDS6. Smashing!