Saturday, 2 January 2021

2020 Sonics

2020 was a mad year wasn't it? Everyones plans were ruined by a random virus, so we all had to improvise our lives a bit more than ususal. I managed to survive, and even release some albums! Obviously some of these were were recorded and worked on prior to the randomness, but the extra time I had in the studio on my own meant that I could release a bit more than usual. Here are the full albums that came out in 2020, and I am especially proud of the collaboration albums (Blancmange, John Foxx & The Maths, and Wrangler), made with my true freinds and heroes and I cannot wait to be back in the studio here with them all as soon as possible

WRANGLER - A Situation


WRANGLER - The Tourist


And here are my solo albums. These were all issued through my bandcamp page but are also on most other digital sites

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