Sunday, 22 July 2012

American Noise

There has been a thread over on Muff's forum about the different noise modules made by Don Buchla over the years. Djangosfire just bought 2 vintage 100 series modules from the same seller I bought a module from (more on that later) and made a cool track on his system using the very early 160 noise module. This prompted me to ask him if he could record some pure noise from it and compare it to a modern Buchla 266e noise module. This is the result:

Then fastheadache kindly recorded his 1970s 200 series noise which is digitally created (you can hear the scanning / looping going on in the background)

So this prompted me to record the noise output of some other very old American modular synths. Heres the info:

An assortment of raw noise from vintage american modular synths: Serge Modular (paperface) white noise, Serge Modular (paperface) pink noise, RA Moog Modular 903 white noise, RA Moog Modular 903-A white noise, RA Moog Modular 903-A pink noise, ARP2500 1016 white noise, ARP2500 1016 pink noise. Recorded direct to disk without amplification or attenuation. Note the difference in output levels between the systems

And here are just the white noise recordings but all at the same level: Serge (paperface); RA Moog 903; RA Moog 903-A; ARP2500 1016


  1. entering this into 'great post titles of all time' comp.

  2. Very cool post Ben...I just picked up a Wavetek 132 Signal Generator that features "digital" noise with " a selectable, repeating sequence length of 210 - 1, 215 - 1 OR 220 - 1 clock countsand" and "analog" noise that is "band-limited white noise with bandwidth adjustable from 10 Hz to 100 kHz in 4 ranges"...Here she is: