Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mastering Maths

Yesterday was spent over at Electric Mastering where me and Fluffy (sorry mate, couldn't resist!) sat and watched Guy Davie do his thing. John was snowed in and couldn't make it. Here is Guy at the incredible EMI TG-series mastering console. Arguably one of the best sounding consoles ever made, the solid state TG series was developed by EMI to replace the valve based desks which had been put to such great effect on the Abbey road recordings of the 50's and 60's. The mastering version of the desk is used essentially as a two channel console and has tone controls, compressor / limiters, and a few secret weapons, such as the 'spread' knob, which is some kind of magic circuit that makes everything in the world sound better. Notice to the left of the console a small green notepad. Using something called a 'pen' the settings of the console can be written down and read back later. In other words the desk even has total recall

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