Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Look at these graphs from my favorite book 'the a-z of analog synths' by Peter Forrest [I have more than one favorite book, ok?]. They show values as defined by him of each synth ever made, ever. It struck me that I definitely started buying keyboards at the right time - every graph in the book has a very pronounced nadir around 1989. THOSE WERE THE DAYS! [Trust me - every graph in the book looks like this....]


  1. yes, right, the new price of the VCS3 peaked at £25000 in 1981. I think you have the Synthi 100 graph there. I agree that no one really wanted now desirable analogue synths back in 1989 but then again his prices are UK and supply and desirability can be quite different in different countries.

  2. i put that in as a test. well spotted