Friday, 20 March 2020



Taking inspiration from 1970s science fiction TV and film soundtracks by the likes of Malcolm Clarke (Dr Who -The Sea Devils) and Gil Melle (The Andromeda Strain), Benge harneses the power of his trusty EMS synthesisers to compose a suite of musical vignettes fit for an entirely imaginary tele-play. Casting himself out into to a world of crudely designed studio sets depicting faraway civilisations, ancient but highly advanced alien species who all happen to speak english, adrift in a universe of primative electronic bleeps and buzzes, he sets the musical scene for this never-to-be-seen space soap opera. Please take this opprtunity to create, in your own mind, a suitable televisual accompniment to his soundtrack, along whichever lines this electronic musical odyssey takes you

Author's Note:

As with many of my recent solo albums, I sometimes like to set myself certain limitations whilst composing and recording music. This album is no exception and was recorded on vintage equipment which was manufactured by EMS during the 1960s and 1970s

To make this record I used the following:

VCS3 Mk1 - The Putney
DK1 Keyboard - The Cricklewood
EMS TK1 Sequencer
Polysynthi Polyphonic Keyboard
EMS Random Voltage Generator
EMS 8 Octave Filter Bank
EMS Pitch-Voltage-Converter

The pieces of music were constructed using overdubbing (sound-on-sound recording). During mixdown a little analogue reverberation was added on some of the tracks (EMT 140 valve-type plate reverberator)

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