Sunday, 12 May 2019


I just got a vintage Akai ME20A MIDI Arpeggiator (from 1985) and here are my first tests with it. Its great! Its more like a basic note sequencer, as it will record whatever notes you play in and then replay them at its internal clock. But it will also arpeggiate held chords, but not in real time like a normal arpeggiator, you have to load the chords in first. Also there is no external clock sync, so to integrate this thing into a larger system would mean recording the MIDI data into the computer sequencer and using that as an editor and clock source for other devices

The synth is the mighty Sequential Prophet T8 - velvety and lush. The Effects are various Roland 80s rack units, the DEP5, SRV2000 and SDE3000

And yes, I am wearing a velour tracksuit today

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