Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Akai, Akaii Or Akais?

Here is a short video of me playing two Akai synths. What is the plural of Akai? Is it possible that the word is a MASS NOUN, such as RICE or AIR? Who cares! This film shows me hooking up the S612 sampler to the AX60 using the special SAMPLER IN socket on the AX60, which routes the sampled voice through the AX60's voice architecture polyphonically. Its pretty cool and really opens up the potential for both units. Also theres a nice quirk on the AX60 that is a result of one of its limitations. It seems that any panel adjustments with the sliders only take effect AFTER a note has been triggered, and this means that moving the envelope amount fader while, for example, running the arpeggiator results in the notes having a full envelope retrigger on each note. I'm not sure I have explained that very well, but do you see what I mean? Anyway, I like exploring quirks

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