Sunday, 31 December 2017

Five Against Four

OK one last list for 2017 - this time one of my album FORMS 6, WORKS ON PAPER made no.11 out of 40 over on Five against Four. WOO! (Read the review below)

This latest manifestation of Ben Edwards’ ongoing exploration of the possibilities and potential of analogue synths may well be his best. Originally, Benge’s Forms albums comprised short studies, but since Forms 4 (one of my Best Albums of 2015) they’ve expanded, and Works on Paper – created utilising a 1970s Serge Modular system – are his longest so far, just two pieces each lasting around 20 minutes. ‘Envelope One’ is concerned with an engaging introspective burbling, as if the machine were absent-mindedly talking to itself, here and there becoming lost in private reveries and playful flights of fancy. ‘Envelope Two’ has a more outward-focused demeanour, projecting soft metallic strikes and then embellishing their resonance. Its latter half to an extent returns to the burble of earlier, though without a sense of turning inward again, culminating in a lovely multi-layered texture that sounds like a dream of the future that took place in the past

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