Sunday, 29 October 2017


You know I am not the biggest fan of in-the-box (i.e. plugin based) stuff, but I have really got excited by this new virtual modular system. Its an open platform that seems to be taking off offering totally free access to the modular world. YES ITS FREE. Check it out here. This video is fairly self explanatory but I set this up in about 15 minutes including downloading the software and some 3rd party modules. Its amazing, and even though I can't see myself selling the ARP2500 anytime soon, I'm going to be messing about with it whenever I am away from the studio. Even if you have never dabbled in synthesis before its an incredible way to learn and discover the joys of the modular without having to spend any money whatsoever. If this had been available 20 years ago I could have saved a bloody fortune, which I would be able to spend on.... vintage modular synths

About the patch - there is some crackly noise in there which I think was from one of the delay units - its creating some sort of bit-crush distortion but I quite liked it, it gives it some dirt. Anyway to make a new patch you can just start again and throw some more modules together any way you want, its pretty cool!


  1. Terrific piece of programming. Have you tried Softube's Modular?

  2. No, but that looks good too! I guess what I like about VCV is that it is an open and free platform. Could be the start of something truly game changing..