Wednesday, 11 February 2015

God's Seck

O-M-Effing-G! I just bought Martin Hannett's actual Seck 18 channel mixer on ebay! This tiny little early 80s console was actually owned by Martin Hannett! He had it in his home studio! WHAT??? OMG!!!

The ebayer was Chris Hewitt who has just made a 4 hour documentary about Hannett. Chris worked with him over the years, and during the process of making the doc discovered a lock-up containing loads of Hannett's personal equipment. Hannett was completely obsessed with high-end playback and recording gear, and this was actually the reason he got into music production in the first place

I think he is my all-time favourite producer because he gets such a cool, edgy and unique sound, especially his early stuff between 1978 - 1985. AND NOW IVE GOT HIS EFFING MIXER! It was only £350 - it was sold as not working as it was missing its power supply, but I managed to find one and plugged it in and - BINGO! it works perfectly (its a bit scratchy and wonky but that makes it even better - IT USED TO BELONG TO MARTIN EFFING HANNETT what do you expect!!!)


  1. Now that's a great story. I expect greatness from you now!

  2. So you also agree that the real magic happened from '78-85?! I do like the cut of your jib, sir! If I didn't already think you were a genius, I'd buy you a pint on principle!

  3. Wow - I get your excitement over this. I had an Ensoniq Mirage that had belonged to John Baker of the Radiophonic Workshop (was tough to let that one go) and my oscilloscope once belonged to Pete Townshend of The Who. Will this be a personal studio addition or a MemeTunes Studios addition?

  4. Wow, I wish I saw this ealier on ebay. You are Lucky! This is a real magic mixer. I love the early Factory sound.
    Jos van Vliet from the Netherlands