Sunday, 2 November 2014

Interior Motifs 2

Fast-forward seven years from Captain Scarlet and you have Gerry Anderson's Space 1999, which still looks futuristic to me although it was in fact meant to be going back in time from 2068 to 1999. So thats 2068 - 1999 + 7 = 76, the year it actually debuted, if you add 1


  1. Space: 1999 and U.F.O. are my favourite GA productions. Again, fantastic images you've shared here. There's something quite fabulous about the more clinical British sci-fi sets from the 1970's, no other era really had this level of desirability - I could seriously live somewhere like these places. Presently watching Space: 1999 - just coming to the end of the first season.

  2. As a 14/15 yr old I was lucky enough to visit the above sets as part of a visit to Pinewood studios with a school friends Dad. After watching the cast leave for the day we had free reign on Moonbase Alpha for an hour or so, playing with the phasers and tweaking the knobs before exploring the fibreglass caves of the adjoining set, before finally leaving with the tentacle from a discarded monster on the backlot. All the Moonbase walls were modular, on casters and able to be reconfigured into different rooms and corridors from scene to scene quickly and easily. See it all comes down to modular in the end...

  3. Check out Catherine Bujold of Montreal's amazing apartment all done in Space 1999 style!