Friday, 31 October 2014

Demo for Jono

Here is a demo of the ARP2500 for Jono who just bought an ARP2500. I'm using the 1050 Mix Sequencer to create a drum pattern:

UPDATE: And here's one straight back at me from Jono in Australia!

UPDATE 2: Ok, so here is another patch I made in return. Its quite a complicated one which involves some other synthesiser modules so here goes: The Arp sequencer is sending 3 CVs out to the Arp mix sequencer which is being clocked by step 1 of the sequencer. This provides a pitch array of 32 notes which controls an Arp VCO. The VCO is going into the Filtamp module which is being controlled by an Arp envelope. Now here is the complicated part: the triggers from the Arp sequencer are not firing the envelope on every step but are being subdivided into shorter patterns and bursts by the Serge Modular clock divider and bi-directional router. So each step of the sequencer is first sent to the clock divider and the 1/3rd output is going to ch-1 of the router, and 1/5ths is going to ch-2. Then the 1/7th output is being used to switch the router and the result is pseudo-random triggering of the envelope, but always rhythmically related to the sequence clock. The Serge sequencer is then being triggered slowly from step 1 of the Arp sequencer and this also controls the frequency of the VCO to add to the complexity of the melody. The audio signal is then being split in two, half going to the Buchla 100 reverb and the other going to a Bel BD80 digital delay for stereo tastiness

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