Thursday, 22 May 2014

Keep Kalm

Have you ever missed an art preview and then wished you had made the effort to mingle with all those trendy arty people drinking free beer and talking really loudly and not looking at any of the paintings because of all the other trendy people in the way or even worse missed the whole show even though it was on for months, because you're just so busy and you had never actually heard of that artist but then it turns out their work is really cool when you read about them in vice magazine 3 years later? Well here is the solution if you live in New York. Mr Kalm should franchise this idea out to other cities, I love watching these!

James is a working artist himself and has an amazing knowledge of modern art and a great eye for detail. Of the 500+ exhibitions he has covered most are walk around tours, which is like being there in person, but occasionally he interviews the artist directly

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